We try to answer the most frequent asked questions on this page. However, if you have a question that is not covered here, please complete the ‘Contact us’ page available below and our support team will reach out to you. For questions about one of our digital solutions, please use the contact form on the respective product page.

1. General

What is PwC’s Marketplace?

PwC’s Marketplace is an online B2B marketplace where you can find an array of technology and academic solutions to key business issues – with both PwC built and home-grown solutions from local start-ups and SMEs.

Which countries will the Marketplace be available in?

Solutions are country specific, where purchase is limited for use within the specific Marketplace country site.

What kind of solution listing are available in the Marketplace?

We understand the world is rapidly changing and there is an increasing need for organisations to embrace digital transformation. As such we bring to you PwC’s Marketplace, where you can find an array of technology and academic solutions to key business issues – with both PwC-built and home-grown solutions from local startups and SMEs.

How do I buy solutions via PwC’s Marketplace?

At this time, a direct purchase of a product is not yet possible.To initiate purchase of a product, please use the contact us option at the respective product page. Our engagement team will connect with you to learn more about your business needs for a tailored solution. You may also send us an email at:

I have a product specific question. Who can help me with it?

We want to be part of your success story. Reach out to us to start a conversation by completing the contact us form on the respective product page and our support team will connect with you.

Is the pricing all inclusive?

Pricing for each solution is based as stated with additional modules and customisation available to meet your specific digital needs.

Prices exclude VAT where applicable.

Any reasonable out-of-pocket expenses we incur in connection with the above will be charged at cost.

The implementation and/or licence fees for third party software do not form any part of PwC’s fees as they will be acquired directly by you from the software vendors/authorised resellers.

2. Account related

How do I reset my password?

To reset your password please visit https://marketplace.vn.pwc.com/reset-password/ and follow the instructions on screen.

Why was my business (legal entity) declined?

If your request to purchase has been declined this is because our independence and risk assessment checks indicate that we are restricted from providing services to your business as a result of our regulated status.

What about data protection?

The security of your data is our highest priority. The hosting, processing and storage of data are set up in accordance with our privacy statement. You will find more detailed information in our privacy policy.